Face Reveal

Posted on November 16, 2022

For this year's Halloween I decided to prepare a little animated short inspired by the ever so popular "youtuber reveals his face" trope.

This cinematic took me about a month to create. First I started with environment, which I created with the help of various props by Dekogon and KitBash3D, as well as materials provided by Quixel and AmbientCG. It's a mysterious technical hallway inside some sort of a research facility. It is inspired by and loosely based on Control's amazing enviornments.

Then I did a quick motion capture session, stumbling around my apartment and portraying the most head splitting hangover ever. This time mocap was done entirely at home, and since I don't have as much space as I had with the backrooms cinematic, I had to stitch together multiple animations. It was a fun challenge and I definitely need to research this technique more.

After that it was all about cinematography. I wanted to try out new compositional techniques and do a little experimentation with camera angles.

I've been using the good old rule of thirds since the early days of machinima making. For this project, however, I decided to try out this interesting method described by Neil Oseman. And I think I did really well, achieving not only a new level of cinematography skills, but also further upgrading my own style.