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Posted on April 18, 2021

Blogging again, huh?

After many years of trying and failing to start my own blog I finally decided to give it another go. But this time I just want to share quick little notes about various things I'm working on, be it music, games or something else. Writing big fat articles about life is not something I'm good at nor wish to do. So consider this an extension of my Twitter page.

I initially wanted to use Wordpress or some other hosted CMS as a backbone of my new website. But after almost three years of working as a webmaster I decided that static web is superior than wasting resources on a simple blog that will be read by 10+ visitors.

So I looked into some static page generators. Atom, Hugo, Eleventy - they all seemed quite cumbersome to me. I'm just too lazy to wrap my head around a bundle of scripts, apps and whistles. And I almost gave up on my idea and was ready to go back to having a simple home page with nothing else.

But I stumbled upon the ideal solution - Publii. It's everything I've ever wanted. Static pages, easy templating reminiscent of Tumblr, no bullshit word processing, and most importantly it's an offline desktop application.

Using Publii as CMS and W3.CSS as a design framework I spent a couple of weekends building my new website. My goal was to make a website that would look a bit like it came straight from mid-2000s. I love that era's web design.

Maybe I'll make it more modern in the future. Or maybe I'll go even further into the aesthetic of "early web". I'm not quite sure. But for now I'm pleased with what I have.

November 2021 update:
This website is now being generated by Mobirise. After all I'm just too lazy to maintain my own templates. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My website as of late October 2021.
My website as of late October 2021

February 2022 update:
I said "fuck it" and just migrated my entire website to ProcessWire CMS. No regrets whatsoever.