Retro Skyboxes Released

Posted on April 21, 2021

A few months ago I needed to create a couple of skyboxes for the game I've been working on. Initially I wanted to make them in Blender, but since I'm not skilled enough for that, I decided to look up some software that can do that for me. And so I found Bryce.

It's an old software that was used back in the early days to produce all sorts of skyboxes and overall computer generated imagery. It costs just $19.95 these days so I bought it and started playing around. After a few test renders I realized that I can not only produce pretty cool skyboxes for my game, but also release a pack of textures that anyone could use, free of charge.

You see, these days, when you search for old school skyboxes, like the ones used for GoldSrc mapping for example, you usually stumble upon assets that have some sort of restrictive license that does not allow you to use them commercially. Which is fair, but it usually prevents indie developers from using them in their games.

With the recent boom in retro gaming I decided to quickly develop a small pack of retro styled skyboxes that would look like CGI straight from the 90's. And so I did. And released it as public domain so you could use it in your projects and not worry about licensing issues.

Retro Skyboxes Pack is available on, Dropbox and MediaFire.

Licensed under Creative Commons 0.